Gross dissatisfaction

The volume of correspondence in your columns in recent weeks, displaying gross dissatisfaction with Arun District Council, is reaching crescendo proportions – and rightly so.

The people for whom the electorate voted to represent their views at ADC are failing in their duty.

They ignored the overwhelming clamour for Asda, and appear to be about to ignore the pleas of local people with regard to the cinema.

If no-one at Arun is prepared to listen to the local population, would they kindly get out of the way to allow more conscientious representatives to take their places?

Better still, is there anyone available to form a new movement – Independence from Arun.

Regrettably I am too long in the tooth to take up the call, but I would gladly support anyone able to do so.

We do not need people from hundreds of miles away to tell us what is good for us – locals know already.

Just one example of Arun-backed stupidity.

More housing, more hotels, more employment more restaurants – less parking spaces.

Moronic or what?

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close