Got our priorities all wrong

I can understand most of the sentiments columnist Duncan Barkes expressed in last week’s Observer series, but is it ‘the performers who get all the glory’?

Bradley Wiggins has performed and got a knighthood, but surely your argument is that ‘unsung performers’ have got no recognition?

Many so-called ‘celebrities’ contribute little by way of ‘performance’ and nothing to the wellbeing of our society; at least successful sporting performers lift the mood of the nation and deserve some recognition for that?

‘The 78 athletes and coaches honoured last week’ made up only a small part of the Honours List, dwarfed by the number of civil servants and politicians who received awards for... presiding over a useless Financial Services Authority?... staying on the payroll for 40 years?... not contesting a constructive dismissal issue?... always supporting the party line in the House?

‘We have got our priorities all wrong’.

You are so right Mr Barkes, BUT you’ve attacked the minority who performed, not the non-deserving majority!

Don Lambert

Cardinals Drive