Get youth writing

WE ALL recognise the cause of much of this feckless mindless vandalism – too much time on their hands doing too little.

I refer to the unemployed youths, not MPs.

The solution is to find them things to be doing which will be of use and comfort to many.

We often read in estimable journals such as yours well-informed columnists, such as Mr Newbury and Mr Barkes, who always have a ready comment, and the prererquisite supply of outraged indignation.

We also know that politicians of every persuasion all agree that job training for such young people is a key issue.

May I suggest how both those above factors can be combined to help improve matters?

Simply, your newspaper and many others like them take on these toe-rags as apprentice columnists.

Instead of causing havoc, they write about it in the aftermath.

The proper and useful comments can be taught to them: ‘Bring back birching’, ‘a spell in the army’, ‘all these namby-pamby do-gooders’, ‘single parents’, ‘bad parenting’, ‘PC gone mad’, etc, etc.

Both these stalwart authors surely have a wealth of such phrases and explanations and more will come to be added, we can be quite sure.

RA Bidd,