Get the signs right

I THINK the problem in the High Street could be cured by changing the present sign which means ‘No motor traffic’, but is compromised by the ‘except buses’ sign, the result in motorists seeing buses travel through and following them.

The present sign which many motorists do not seem to understand, and which the cartoonist Brockbank famously described as ‘Beware low-flying motorcycles’ should be replaced by a No Entry sign, with the added ‘except buses’ sign, which is understood by all motorists.

This sign is already used at the London Road/ Hotham Way junction.

The London Road problem is compounded by lorries unloading beyond the allotted times, and abuse of the blue badge cards.

I often see cars which apparently take aged relatives along for the ride so they can park anywhere.

Ken Wells

Bala Crescent, Felpham