Get off our gardens

I AM sorry I really feel I must say something to the people that take short cuts through the private grounds of our flats in Victoria/Aldwick Road.

They have walked or cycled past the three notices (one at each entrance) which state it is ‘Private property no access’!

We are paying a gardening company to maintain the gardens and our car park.

This gardener, along with residents, picks up bottles, food packets and drink cartons that are throw down by people passing through.

They also walk dogs through the development which often defecate here.

When it is pointed out to the perpetrator that they are trespassing we are greeted with abuse.

Today two youths in a black Citroen car sat and had their lunch in their car and threw the food wrappers out on the floor before they left.

Last week a young blonde woman used our garden as a toilet, and this happens quite a lot, but it is usually young males.

We are often used as a free car park for people going shopping, to play football, repair their cars, go to the beach or to events on the front.

I would like to say to them: “How would you like this to happen in your front garden?”

K Marcher

Victory & Trafalgar Court, Victoria Road, Bognor