Generous taxpayer?

I NORMALLY pay my council tax on time. No-one has yet paid it for me, but I live in hope that one day this might happen.

As you might expect, the powers that be are one step ahead of such a gesture ever being likely to occur.

I know this because of a recent telephone conversation. I telephoned Arun District Council to pay a final and full payment of my council tax, which I would have done online had I been able to locate my bill among the pile of Christmas wrapping.

I was initially merely seeking my reference number or ‘simple to use’ 14-digit payment number.

I must say that the lady who I spoke to was very helpful but advised me she was confined to the restrictions of the Data Protection Act and thereby could not give me any council references or tell me how much was outstanding – security issues it seems. I may well not have been the council taxpayer.

This led me to think there are people out there who actively telephone councils up and down the country in the hope they can gain sufficient information to enable them to pay someone else’s council tax bill. I must confess that it has never crossed my mind to pay someone else’s bill. Indeed, I sometimes try hard to forget to pay my own.

AM Richards

Alleyne Way,

Elmer Sands