Fuel for thought

HOW FORTUNATE the Esso garage on Felpham Way can employ someone who can foresee the future.

The garage increased its unleaded petrol by one pence on the morning of the budget and, amazingly, in the budget one pence was taken off unleaded, which meant that a litre of unleaded was the same price as the day before the budget, thus affording no one pence saving to the motorist as intended in the budget.

The one pence reduction should have taken place at 6pm on budget day; however, at 6:30pm the garage had made no reduction which adds a twist to the saying ‘what goes up must come down’ to ‘what goes up stays up’.

Jim Frame, Felpham

I HAVE been following with great interest the ongoing story as to why Toad Hall Garage on Chichester Road in North Bersted, acquired such a charming name.

Although the garage no longer carries the title, what better way of preserving this local ‘folklore’ for posterity, than officially naming the new roundabout under construction just a few yards away, Toad Hall Roundabout!

It is quite common for roundabouts to have names these days to assist motorists, and I can’t think of a better title.

Perhaps the developers or some other philanthropic body might then even consider a piece of artwork in its centre to make it a real gateway feature to the area?

A stainless steel silhouette of Toad would be grand, or if funds permitted, perhaps Toad in one of his splendid motor cars?

Toot! Toot!

Greg Burt,

High Street, Bognor Regis