Ford’s not the only option on the table

HAVING read articles in all the Observer papers, the West Sussex Gazette and Cllr Bower of Arun’s letter in this week’s issues, it is notable that much emphasis is put on Ford in this week’s papers.

Why has it not been recognised that both Chichester City and the District Council are considering Tangmere and others well to the west of the city?

Is it that Cllr Bower does not want to draw attention to dis-used, ex-WWII brownfield airfield sites, which would be ideal locations for new settlements in both districts ?

It is beyond belief that he suggests Fishbourne as an option; this parish is adjacent to the sensitive Chichester Harbour AONB, it has a congested connection with the A27 to the east and none until Havant in the west... also the sewerage capacity problems at the Apuldram Works are well known.

The new government Localism Bill will include a directive for neighbouring councils to work together on housing and cross boundary infrastructure – Cllr Bower’s approach disappointingly does not reflect this.

John Penfold,