Flooding brings community together

WE LIVE in Middleton on Sea: luckily for us, the flooding didn’t reach our bungalow, but got very close.

In the six years we have lived here, we have never seen a drain cleaning machine, so most of the drains must be full of leaves, soil and other debris.

Wouldn’t it be prudent for the council to clean all the drains in all the roads which have flooded to make it easier for surface water to drain away?

I think this needs to be done straight away, before the next heavy bout of rain.

Also since the drains were laid, the number of houses must have doubled if not more, so can the drains actually cope?

Perhaps we need bigger main drains.

The fire brigade and council workers I have seen this week have been marvellous, helping distressed people with their flooded homes.

I was also very impressed that the police knocked on our door to ‘check’ that we were okay, and they checked everyone in our road!

Local people have rallied together to help neighbours and other residents clear their homes, get shopping and generally try to get back to normal.

I would like to send on my fondest regards and best wishes to everyone who has been affected by the flooding and hope their lives can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Paul Biggs

Middleton on Sea