Flats rob resident of more than her view

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WE ARE totally incensed at the complete disregard by Arun District Council and the builders for Mrs Luck and her family.

As long-term residents ourselves of North Bersted Street we along with many others attended meetings regarding this development and were promised by Arun District Council and builders that there would be a decent buffer zone.

So then how can permission be given to build a block of flats two feet from Mrs Luck’s garden fence?

When making a decision that so greatly affects a family’s life, surely their health, wellbeing, privacy and sanctuary should be a consideration and a human right.

There seems to be a total disregard for Mrs Luck’s plight by Arun District Council etc. It appears they are a law unto themselves... we wonder if it was their property, would they have passed it?

Not only have they robbed her of all she holds dear, it has greatly devalued her property in which she has invested 30 years of love and hard work.

Mr and Mrs Prince,

North Bersted Street