Filth increasing

I am a full-time wheelchair user and have a labrador and regularly take her out.

There are now areas of Rose Green I can no longer use, due to dog filth increasing. An alleyway between Elizabeth Close and Rose Green Road is a particular no-go area, as my wheelchair tyres get covered in dog filth.

Catching offenders with current manpower/admin resources is impossible, but perhaps naming and shaming offenders widely in newspaper and on local TV, and taking their dogs would get the message across.

If I can manage to clear up the mess from my dog from my position in a wheelchair then what sort of anti-social dog-owners can’t be bothered to do the same?

Current fining levels will not deter them; they have no moral standards. Take the dogs away and if they are found with another one then increase the penalties to a much more severe deterrent level.

I doubt anything will change.

Mike Neville

Rose Green