Filled with concerns

Your article on November 15 again fills me with concerns for the future of Bognor.

I’m concerned about Bognor’s long-term prosperity and attractiveness.

Two areas need to be recognised and become the focus of further planning, ie the seafront area around the Regis Centre and the town-centre area around the railway station and Picturedrome.

Both these town areas look dismal, are under-used but hugely important and massive opportunities for developing Bognor.

The current regeneration plans do NOT answer any of these issues.

How can a multi-screen block building plus apartments improve the attractiveness of Bognor’s seafront?

Bournemouth Council have learnt this lesson and are paying the price right now.

The future of multi-screen cinema is uncertain, given the rapid growth of on-demand film over high-speed internet to larger and larger TVs at home.

Surely the future is niche independent cinema in historic/ interesting settings.

The Picturedrome is that facility – AND it is affordable and within 100 yards of the town’s railway station .

Bognor seafront has huge potential, both to make it worse or to start making it something we are all proud of.

Residents and visitors come to see the sea, to enjoy the sights, to have coffee and meals, to be entertained... by the sea.

Today there are no all-year cafes on the seafront, there is no all-weather seating, there is no open-air entertainment facility (the bandstand is unused, access prevented and snacks are only from kiosks open only during summer).

Developing the Regis Centre into a fully-functional and flexible performing arts centre capable of holding comedy, drama, film nights plus music/band events and even art shows would surely be a success, just as similar facilities have in Farnham and Dartmouth.

A plaza around it with a small selection of bars, cafes and restaurants, plus open entertainment area would further attract visitors and residents alike.

Such an area would be attractive, fun and alive with people of all ages.

So I urge everyone to take this last opportunity to say NO to the current regeneration plans and speak up for something better. Graham Bincham

Bognor Regis