Fears of backlash over EU

I would like to respond to Jan Cosgrove’s letter and I commend him for having voted against continued membership of the EU in 1975.

I seldom agree with Jan’s views, though I wish I had in that particular instance, but he is an intelligent man who does a great deal of work for his community and deserves a considered reply.

The answers to his questions are impossible to predict, just as nobody predicted the huge influx of east Europeans, the banking crisis, the economic collapse in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, or the subversion of our judicial system by a bunch of unelected half-wits in Strasbourg.

What puzzles me is why he appears to believe European workers or British ex-pats will all be forced to return to their countries of origin. Nobody is suggesting we should be sending people back to Asia or Africa, so why would we resort to ‘ethnic cleansing’ among the nations of Europe, whether or not they are members of some club?

It would be eminently sensible to block the inevitable invasion of Bulgarians and Romanians, but Cameron is neither eminent nor sensible and he has a rather wet and spineless albatross round his neck in the pallid form of Clegg. They even refuse to publish their own study into the numbers of expected immigrants, because they are terrified of the backlash it would, undoubtedly, cause.

As for the much-vaunted ‘free trade agreement’ (and if it’s such a splendid idea, why haven’t the notoriously protectionist EU and USA embraced it before?), do you seriously believe this is some nice, cuddly, hands-across-the-sea piece of altruistic fraternalism?

It couldn’t, just possibly, be driven by multi-nationals like Kraft, Monsanto, Caterpillar, etc, to whom sovereign states and national governments are such a hindrance, could it?

Let us continue to hold opposing political views and rejoice in democracy while we are still permitted to, but let us not invent problems where none actually exist, nor leap at every carrot that is dangled before us by those who would control our lives! Our energy, water, ports, airports, railways, most of our remaining industries and even our National Lottery are now foreign-owned; do you really want to depend on Uncle Sam for our daily bread? I don’t!

Tony Sutcliffe,

WSCC councillor for Nyetimber Division

UK Independence Party