Facing isolation

When I reached 60 I did not get the bus pass I had expected.

To add insult to injury the bus fares also increased to £7 return Midhurst to Chichester or £19.50 for a one-week Goldrider, so, as a non-driver, I am already very much ‘marooned’ in Midhurst.

Stagecoach has already priced passengers out of the market.

On the occasion I have saved up for a bus ticket, I have often found I am the only paying passenger.

Surely a more even distribution of fares would be a move towards saving the buses and making bus travel more accessible to all?

What West Sussex County Council is proposing is effectively isolating anyone, young or old, who does not have the benefit of a car.

Ironically on the number 60 bus at present is a large promotional advert encouraging us all to ‘Go green and travel by bus’,

The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right is doing.

L Bos

Poplar Way,