‘Eyesore’ too much

I FOR one who worked at LEC for 32 years think your wording could have been a little more sympathetic towards the people and families who worked there.

Obviously your words were taken from the mouth of Mr Daud who said: “I hope the people of Bognor will be happy to see this eyesore come down.” I for one would have been happier to see it continue as a business, and employ local people for years to come, but in this day and age you have to accept these things happen.

I have spoken to a lot of my fellow ex-workers about the sorry state the buildings got into in the past few years, and we all feel something should have been done about it a long time ago, either security stepped up to keep vandals away, or taken down before it was allowed to get into the state it did.

The eyesore as you call it was a product of Sime Darby: they shut the building down and they are responsible for it becoming an eyesore, so I think Mr Daud should choose his words a little better.

Frederick Smart,

Collyer Avenue