Eyesore pub a strain on neighbours

I am writing in response to the article (Observer, April 4) regarding The Hope Pub.

As a resident who lives in a property right next door to the Hope I can say in my opinion the Hope should definitely NOT be a public house again. In the eight-plus years we have lived here, we have been subjected to noise issues and fights which are making our lives a nightmare.

Various publicans have come and gone, they have been unable to make it work profitably as a pub. It is an eyesore and needs a new lease of life as something other than a public house, something that will be of benefit to the residents living in the area. As the majority of elderly people live in this area, a Co-op seems just right.

As to the comments that have been made by the people quoted in your article, perhaps they would like to live next door to the Hope if it is a pub again? Noise, fights, urinating, the turning-off of security lights to name but a few incidents that have occurred. Mr Roberts stated he wanted to do what was right for the community here and we would be grateful if you would let him.

Kathleen Clarke

Spitalfield Lane