Event far too noisy

ON SEPTEMBER 9 and 10, Middleton Sports Club held an event on their cricket field which had nothing to do with sport.

It was apparently a real ale festival.

While it is accepted that people are entitled to attend such events and to listen to the accompanying music, I would like to know what gives this sports club the right to inflict this very loud noise on half of the population of Middleton?

The noise could be heard over three-quarters of a mile away and for those living close to Sea Lane the volume must have been intolerable.

Events that create such volumes of noise should be held in fields well away from residential areas, or perhaps the volumes should be reduced dramatically.

After all, the so-called entertainment is meant for the people who attend, not for the whole of Middleton.

I believe that the District Council should look again at this situation and insist on the sports club keeping private events private.

R Simmons

Flansham Park, Felpham