Enterprise problem

Of course we are all delighted Bognor’s bid for an Enterprise zone has passed the first hurdle and will now go to central government for consideration.

The proposal (which can be studied at p://lichfields.co.uk/uploads/files/ID12412-02-001-BREZ-FINAL.pdf) could bring a very large expansion of industry and business to the north of Bognor.

With these would come much-needed jobs and the town’s regeneration would be greatly stimulated.

But could there be a down side to this supposed bonanza.

Not many of the jobs could or would be taken by the local unemployed so there would be a large number of people coming into the area to work or seeking housing here.

More goods would also be leaving the area so we could expect a big increase in the traffic on our roads.

Arun’s latest planning decisions mean there will be virtually no new housing in the west of the region after site six and while this may please many, it will also mean there will be no infrastructure improvements in the area, meaning no road improvements.

Traffic in and out of the new Enterprise zone will use the existing roads and the relief road when it is built, A259 to east and west and A29 to the north, creating even bigger traffic jams at Berstead, Littlehampton and Woodgate.

The lack of new housing will mean those coming to work at the new businesses will either have to drive or move here, forcing up the cost of existing housing, pricing more local young people out of the market and forcing them to leave the area.

But if these possible problems can be so easily foreseen, perhaps new businesses will not wish to come to this area – and those who make the decision may decide it would not be wise to create an Enterprise Zone in an area that has turned its face so firmly against growth and infrastructure improvements.

Robert Nunn