Embrace the power of prayer

Alan Dummer has surely expressed the heartfelt wishes of many of our readers the ongoing controversy about the regeneration of Bognor Regis can produce a fair and just solution.

The conclusion of his letter points the way forward with the prayer: Please God there is a mechanism to correct what appears to be the advancement of vested interests to the detriment of local society.

The Church of England has recently been urging its members to value and practise the healing power of prayer, in one’s personal life and in the life of society. Churches Together in Bognor Regis and District seeks to bring together all Christian denominations in working for the social and spiritual welfare of those who live in our area, especially in its monthly prayer meeting.

In all our churches we can offer our prayers for God’s guidance in leading us to find his will for the future of our town and the wellbeing of all its residents.

(Rev) John Brown

Manor Way

Middleton on Sea