Dream on

Can I enquire how long the A29, between Woodgate level crossing and Bognor, is going to be out of commission?

Since the Thursday before Christmas when we suffered the deluge, it has either been closed because of flooding near Sack Lane, Shripney, on almost impassable when it was opened.

Now, since January 4 the Road Closed Ahead signs have appeared, indicating the road to Bognor is open only between 9.30am and 4.30pm.

It would have been pleasing for residents if we could have been warned of this.

This road, appalling and meandering as it is, is nevertheless the only direct route from villages to the north of Bognor into the town.

The diversion, via Oving, adds at least seven miles to the journey.

When, if ever, the lengthy ‘improvements’ are completed, we shall all be agog to see either a 16-lane viable highway, as exists in Buenos Aries, or a splendid road modelled on the Appian Way, in Rome.

Dream on!

Margaret Edgington

Elmcroft Place