Don’t let me be proved right

I refer to Kevin Smith’s article to allow bikes all along the prom. In my opinion the only other stretch that should be allowed for cycling is from Nyewood Lane to the west of the pier.

At this point children are running in and out of the fun fair on the pier and opposite coaches are dropping off day trippers who immediately want to cross the road.

Then we come to the mini amusement park for the children and on to the pedestrian crossing where many people cross from The Regis. East from here are shops stalls and cafes where people congregate.

Please keep this length of the promenade for pedestrians only, if not it is an accident waiting to happen. The article also refers to two pedestrians being knocked over by cyclists on Felpham seafront.

I had a letter published regarding the dangers at this area by the Beachcroft Hotel and the Lobster Pot. Don’t let me be proved right a second time.

Keith Weston

Fish Lane,