Does our town need to be ‘revitalised?’

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HAVING JUST read the latest copy of Arun Times, I am beginning to appreciate how extensive the changes to Bognor Regis (and Littlehampton) will be.

Do we really want our seaside and town areas to be ‘revitalised’ into the sort of ghastly modern pastiche that companies like St Modwen specialise in?

Everywhere ends up looking the same and character is cleansed and removed... or worse – just look at the hideous IMAX building in Bournemouth.

Another bright idea from another development company which promised ‘revitalisation’ and ‘regeneration’ and was keenly supported by local councillors. Millions of pounds of tax money was wasted on that little wheeze and millions more will be needed to get rid of the ugly lump.

Also, what is to happen to the Bognor Picturedrome? This is a prime piece of Bognor Regis’ history as well as a wonderful example of Odeon architecture. Did the council cynically buy it, in order to get rid of it?

Bognor Regis and Littlehampton may be ‘old-style’, or in modern parlance ‘retro’, but what’s wrong with that? Little businesses and cafes that aren’t part of corporate finance generation make the area interesting and different.

We should be proud of that difference and not rush headlong into schemes that put profit before quality of life and uniqueness of

an area.

I note that on St Modwen’s website they are very proud of their company’s operational strategy which is ‘based on marshalling land through planning and development processes into a reliable stream of profits’. ‘Nuff said!

Maggie Roberts

Sea Avenue,