Do the maths

Arun District Commander Chief Inspector Jane Derrick quotes, of an eight per cent increase in crime this year, and says this is not something I am happy with.

I’m just guessing that the local population who are affected by the criminals are less happy than she is.

If Eastern Europeans are responsible for the 18 per cent of local crimes, it begs the question what percentage of them are there in the local population as a whole. My guess would be two or three

per cent, committing 18 per cent of all crimes? Do the maths when you find time!

Inspector Derrick also quotes various schemes to improve the quality of life and to communicate better with the people concerned. Does she mean the victims of crime or the lowlife who make no contribution to our country, be they home-grown or foreign?

Arun District Council chief executive Nigel Lynn says, as a council we want to try and help in anyway we can and work much closer in partnership with other agencies. Good stuff.

When people quote in partnership with others, it means we have no idea what we are doing, but hope someone else does.

AJ Green

Clydsedale Gardens,

Bognor Regis