Distorted view

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In his column, Duncan Barkes accuses spokespersons, charities and non-government organisations of overreaction and deliberate distortion.

He is very fortunate that he has the facility for spouting off his own political views in such a hysterical manner on a weekly basis.

He professes to support sensible debate yet at the same time accuses those who speak for the most vulnerable members of society, in particular disabled people, of self-righteous huntering.

Does he really believe any disabled person should be prepared to work for a wage below the legal minimum?

How much does he suggest?

50p an hour?

Would he dare make such a suggestion for members of ethnic minorities or other minority groups?

Or has he, like many others, fallen into the trap set by the government into believing all disabled people are benefit scroungers who are abusing the system?

Mike Dunne

Chair, Arun Access Group (working for inclusion for all disabled people throughout the district of Arun)

Beach Road, Littlehampton