Dismayed by CiVic

BRighter Bognor supports the Picturedrome Cinema but we’re dismayed by the wording of CiVic’s petition. Sadly, even when CiVic has a good cause it tends to ‘go over-the-top’. The wording of their petition attempts to stop competition. It seeks to limit how ADC as landowner can market the town. We believe the council needs to encourage new businesses. It needs to explore all options for bringing more high spending customers to the town centre.

To limit possibilites at this stage is self-defeating – where do you stop? New businesses won’t be attracted by stifling competition. The town desperately needs new shops, new restaurants, new cafes, new hotels and more. The wording of this petition is a turn-off to businesses looking at Bognor’s prime sites.

At a personal level, we enjoyed taking four grandchildren to the Picturedrome at half-term. Fortunately we live nearby and don’t have to worry about parking. But, though cheap, the cinema is scruffy and could be a lot cleaner. The Picturedrome business should bring forward securely funded plans for more screens and serious tidying up. An attractive, reasonably priced cinema is the way to face any competition.

Jean Coles


BRighter Bognor