Disgusting and in danger of spreading disease

I am writing in response to the article ‘It’s disgusting – the mess left by dogs in our parks’ which appeared in the Observer last week.

I am particularly concerned about Hotham Park.

After the considerable amount of money spent rejuvenating this tranquil space, why was it ever passed to allow dogs entry in the first place?

Dogs are allowed to run free and therefore can foul all over the place, as well as the possibility of people in the park getting bitten.

The owners who let their dogs roam have no consideration for young children and the elderly.

The park has a fenced-off play area but children like to play ball and games on the green spaces provided.

They do not want it fouled by dogs, which is not only disgusting but is in danger of spreading disease.

There are plenty of other places to take dogs for walks.

Perhaps Bognor should take a look at Priory Park in Chichester, where no dogs are allowed.

I have visited there since my childhood and it is as fresh and clean today as it was back then.

So perhaps whoever was in charge of making the decision should think again – end of problem.

Lyn Penny,

Bognor Regis