Dirty Hands Club

I WELL remember my excitement as a lad when I made my first wooden six-shooter.

Needless to say, it never even fired a splinter, let alone caused any real damage.

But I was hooked on making things.

I now have my own group of U3A members making all sorts, from card and papiermache, bowls, vases, toys, decorating items sort of thing.

Recently I was privileged to talk about, and show, some of the things I have made over the years, 90 of them in fact, to groups of schoolchildren.

The same interest in the act of creating things was very much apparent.

I feel that some folk, regardless what age they are, will welcome my new club.

A loose association of anybody who likes keeping busy and creative. Helping with ideas, maybe sharing problems etc

We will be known as The Dirty Hands Club. If anybody is interested, ring me on 01243 582504.

Hal Brooks

Yapton Road, Middleton-on-Sea