Derogatory remarks about ‘the disabled’

In relation to Pagham Harbour your correspondent Dawn Bridger criticises Mr King, asking how dare he write an opinion on something she claims he does not really know about.

She then rants about vehicles driving along a public road and daring to park in Harbour Road.

Finally she makes derogatory remarks about a group of people she labels ‘the disabled’ and dismisses the relevancy of discrimination against this ‘type’ of person.

It appears Ms Bridger is also writing an opinion about something she does not know about.

The Equality Act 2010 outlaws discrimination against disabled people.

It also outlaws harassment and other offensive conduct against disabled people and anyone who is associated with disabled people if that conduct relates to the issue of disability.

For the sake of clarity disabled people are not ‘the disabled’ and find it offensive to be so labelled.

The closure of the car park is a matter Arun Access Group will looking at, as it may well also be a discriminatory act.

Michael Dunne

Chair, Arun Access Group