Demolishing shelter is a waste of money

I add my name to the other people, Ann Rayanik and Maurice Peacock, who have written objecting to the imminent destruction of a well-constructed shelter at the eastern end of the promenade – a shelter that, I note, is still regularly used by old people and parents with young children.

For the council to anticipate spending £8,500 to £10,000 on the demolition, at a time when council money is so scarce none can be found to assist Birdman in filling local shops, cafes and hotels with customers, I feel is unbelievable.

It leads to the lack of consideration for the homeless by councillors, who often speak of ‘affordable homes’ but take no account of other more unfortunate people.

I believe the council supported a homeless hostel but that was closed and at Christmas (very cold) the police had six homeless people they tried to find roofs for.

The council and other organisations could not help but when they approached Big Love, a local struggling charity, they succeeded in finding roofs to go over their heads.

It would be cheaper in the long run for councillors to use the cost of demolishing a shelter, and promised rebuilding of another, to finance shelters for homeless people.

Have our rulers any compassion or goodwill at all?

Barry Jones

Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis