Delay unacceptable

I AM writing regarding Hyde Martlet at Southern Gate, Chichester.

My mother-in-law fell over in her home back in March 2011. The police had to break the glass pane on the door to gain access as she has a deadlock fitted to the door. The door has not been repaired and the window has been replaced by a piece of board. The incident was reported to Hyde Martlet on March 28, 2011.

My mother-in-law is an elderly lady of 82. She has difficulty in walking and is very confused and scared because of the possibility of burglars.

This situation has gone on for six months and despite numerous telephone calls, letters and cards from them, the last one being over a week ago, it is still ongoing.

Mr Holcombe of Hyde Martlet has not provided any information on when the situation will be resolved. I would be grateful for any assistance in the matter.

Mr C Perry,

Southdown Close,



A spokesman for Hyde Martlet said: We are pleased to say that the glass in the door has been repaired and an extra lock fitted to give Mrs Luff additional assurance about her security. Our tenant’s safety is very important to us and we acted on the same day the Chichester Observer raised the matter.

We are grateful to the newspaper for bringing this matter to our attention and appreciate its help in facilitating contact with Mr Perry. We are sorry that the matter wasn’t resolved sooner and have sent Mrs Luff a bouquet of flowers by way of an apology.

We always try to learn lessons from any mistakes we make when we provide services to tenants and are investigating why it happened. Hyde Martlet makes some 28,000 repairs every year and overall tenant satisfaction is running consistently at 86 per cent.