Cyclists on pavement are a public menace

FOLLOWING Rob Atkins letter, I have a story to tell. On August 14, I came out of the Iceland store in Bognor late afternoon.

I was walking with shopping bags towards my car in the High Street. Suddenly I was hit from behind with full force and knocked to the ground by something like a mountain bike. God only knows what speed he was going.

I had kind people around me getting me back on my feet and a teenage boy saying he was sorry but then quickly rode off! I was in shock and a bit tearful so did not take the boy’s name which my husband said I should have.

The consequences were that I had a badly bruised left arm, my left knee was bruised and bleeding and the worse thing is my right arm which I must have fallen badly on has now been diagnosed as a fracture in my elbow and has put my wrist out of action as I am in so much pain.

You can only imagine how angry I now am that it will take weeks for my arm to repair itself and being that I am right-handed I am finding it difficult to do everyday things.

Can the police say how this can be stopped? Is there a law against people (not just teenagers) on bikes riding on the pavement. Also if I did have the boy’s details, would the police have done anything about it?

I think there must be more signs up telling people not to ride bikes on the pavement and as Rob says, one day there will be a very serious accident.

The trouble is you seem to see more and more people riding on pavements. This is probably because they think it is safer for them but it certainly is not for pedestrians. Bikers take note!

Helen Lewis

Hawthorn Road,

Bognor Regis