Cut the speed limit

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I READ the letter from Anthony Beach of Felpham in the Bognor Regis Observer dated March 24, with interest.

He was referring to your report that Felpham Parish Council were supporting the imposition of a 20mph speed limit throughout Felpham.

He is very much against it, while I and a great many others are very much for it and have been pushing for it for years.

I suspect that Mr Beach has the good fortune to be young and quick on his feet and, as he lives in North Felpham, does not know our village roads and may not shop in our village.

I, however, suffer from severe arthritis and can only cross these roads with an aid and am therefore naturally slow.

Many of us elderly, and not so elderly, take our lives in our hands when we cross these roads, with blind corners to the left and right.

Luckily, most motorists show patience and consideration when we cross, but a few months ago, a car came speeding from the traffic lights to my right as I had almost reached the safety of the pavement on the butchers side of the road.

He shook his fist at me as he rushed past.

I shook my stick at him but he was long gone.

These young people in a hurry don’t appreciate that they will one day grow old and will then need a little consideration too.

Ann Bennett (Mrs),