‘Cushioned’ by WSCC

Further to my letter of last week, I note that poor Mr Hammond, the former chief executive of

WSCC who left with a payout of over £250,000, has had to take a substantial salary cut.

He is now getting only £180,000 in his new job with the Equality and Human Rights Commission. How will he manage? Luckily he has the generous cushion from WSCC to help make ends meet!

It seems ironic his new role involves ‘seeing if spending cuts are being made fairly’. Perhaps he might ponder on the unfairness of contracts for highly-paid executives who receive large redundancy and severance payments and then go on to yet another overpaid public sector job. Why does the system not require a partial or total repayment where it is obvious no hardship has been caused?

It would be interesting to know who writes these contracts which seem so far removed from those which bind the majority of employees to their jobs.

Alan Carn

Whyke Road,