Creation of a new party

Dr Emerson proudly announced the creation of a new Party, Patria.

Oddly, he neglected to tell us this is one of two recent break-aways from the BNP (the other being the British Democratic Party, or True Brits as it did originally call itself).

So, what’s new, apart from the millennial in-fighting of the far right, and cults of personality?

Will Patria put up candidates here?

The epithet about being as welcome as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip comes to mind...

What of the BNP and also BDP?

The BNP, already staggering from internal and financial crises, has been dealt a pretty mortal blow – by its loyal members.

I have read the brief constitution online but it says nothing as to who can join, how membership is determined/accepted/removed.

Intriguingly it also states: “Dual membership of Patria and another political party is permissible”, but also: “No member shall, as an independent, contest an election to public office in which the party has an official candidate.”

And (of course): “Members may organise within the party with a view to changing its leadership, constitution or policies, but shall not form a party within the party.

No group having its own distinctive programme, policies and propaganda may operate within the party.”

It DOESN’T say that a Patria member who is also a member of, say, BNP, couldn’t stand for the latter in an election.

Rum state of affairs.

Jan Cosgrove

Longford Road

Bognor Regis