Councillor shows complete lack of concern

Councillor Ricky Bower at Arun displays all his usual complete lack of concern that this country faces a housing crisis, leaving large numbers of people in need of an affordable home.

‘Chichester’s problems are down to Chichester to resolve within their boundaries.’

Says it all. Libya’s problems left to Colonel Gaddafi? Greece sort out your problems, no EU help? UK banks, you got into that mess, don’t ask for a bail-out?

Unemployed, on yer bikes...

I find it hypocritical that those whose homes occupy now what was once greenbelt land use that argument to justify no development at all.

I would like to hear responses in terms of moral concerns, balanced development and communities, encouragement of the building industry, comparative costs (against paying benefit for private rented housing etc).

Jan Cosgrove,

Bognor Regis Labour Party