Council was somewhat to blame

THIS is an observation in light of the recent flooding in and around the Bognor Regis area.

I know the weather was exceptional, but I, along with many other residents, think that the council, whether it be the responsibility of the local or county, are somewhat to blame.

We rarely see a road sweeper, gully or drain cleaner in our Rose Green area. The drains are always covered with litter, leaves, etc.

When the grass verges are cut the grass is blown around by totally inadequate machines and appears to be a complete waste of time and energy and when the verges are left as long as they have been this time, the grass just lays there in the gutters and guess where most of it ends up? In the drains.

Come on councils, wake up and take note, we all pay something towards this so when will we see some results?

John Jones

Mayfield Close, Rose Green