Council installing new post would stop flytipping

You may remember a month or so ago 90 plus tyres were dumped in the entrance to the bridal path between Broad Road and Hambrook Hill (north) by the A27 bridge.

Well I did say to the council that the post that had been knocked over mainly because it was rotten and needed replacing.

That went on deaf ears – obviously not as important as a few new office chairs or new notice boards etc. But since then the obvious 90 plus tyres a 6x4 trailer full of building materials, dozen or so black plastic bags, someone’s garden clippings... an obvious place to reverse into late at night offload and scarper.

Still no post or rail that would take a mere hour to erect rails and posts approximately £40. If asked I’d be happy to supply the post as I have one spare but I am sure the council are not that skint.

Behold last night 28th/29th November 2018 we have approximately 134 tyres some with rims dumped in the entrance of the said bridal path.

Why? Because there was no post to stop them.

At least the tippers had the cheek and common sense to stack the tyres three deep neatly even sorting out the rimmed ones for the council to spend even more money picking them up and top it all place the no tipping sign at the foot of the pile.

Frustrated and angry with flytipping and councils.

Malcom Goodger, Main Road, Hermitage, Emsworth