Consultation events leave many questions

I AM writing in response to last week’s letter regarding ADC Bognor’s consultation event: I agree wholeheartedly.

The events are a sham and ADC are purely paying lip service to local residents.

I attended the consultation event held at Aldingbourne last Thursday and still have many unanswered questions:

1 Where was ‘planning supremo’ Ricky Bower?

2 Why was there no signage on the road leading to the event or directly outside?

3 Why were staff unwilling/unable to answer straightforward questions from anxious residents?

4 Why are the consultation venues not open in the way that polling stations are? 3pm-7pm meant that many working people could not attend.

This is shameful.

ADC has planned the consultation period when a large percentage of those affected will be out of the locality for some of even all of the events.

This development would be catastrophic for our communities – the consultation period MUST be extended.

Pip Pegler