Congratulations on well-researched letters

My congratulations to both Mark Neave of Runcton and Bob Mousley of Funtington for their letters (Observer, September 29).

Well-researched and well-written.

Excellent coverage of the problem of mindless house building in the city and the district.

Both of you should be on the ‘planning’ committee, to add some common sense to the proceedings that have lead to a whole range of abysmally-bad decisions.

The museum.

The art gallery.

Parts of the Eastgate development.

All that plus Graylingwell, Barracks, further talk on Ford, the fields immediately outside the Parklands area on the Funtington Road.

No more building at all until the local infrastructure and road system is sorted out.

Saturday morning, it took me 25 minutes to drive from Walnut Avenue, via Westgate, Avenue de Chartres, Southgate and Market Avenue to the market. Coming back an hour later was even worse.

Philip Pratley,

Walnut Avenue, Chichester