Congratulations on decision to save Information Centre

May I congratulate the Observer on the decision to save the Information Centre in Bognor.

The decision to close it in a tourist centre was disgraceful.

When I am on holiday, visiting an area I am unfamiliar with, my first port of call is to the Information Centre where leaflets on places of interest are easily available.

The closure would have meant that all the places of interest in Sussex would have been seriously affected.

These all make money benefiting the economy and Arun.

Tourism is a vital activity in Bognor but there seems to be an attitude that is not encouraging it.

We have a delightful museum, but where are the signs directing visitors?

Apparently a committee is thinking about it.

They could have stuck temporary adverts on those empty stands on the promenade.

We have two trains along the prom.

Why does the eastern one not go as far as the pier? It could easily turn there.

In other towns on the continent similar trains run through the town centre.

Use them and support local enterprise instead of the recently suggested idea.

Maureen Haines

Brunswick Close, Felpham