Confusion reigns over parking and car park

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THE INTRODUCTION of up to two hours’ free parking in the Fitzleet multi-storey and Lyon Street car parks is to be welcomed.

Your paper indicated 24 outlets in Bognor were available for you to purchase the parking clock/disc.

But who are they?

Surely a list could be published so a time-wasting hunt can be avoided?

I found two small outlets after being prompted by a kind staff member at WH Smiths.

There was a similar problem when the WSCC parking vouchers were introduced.

It was so difficult to find any retail outlet that sold the parking vouchers that the only reliable source seemed to be the tourist information office in Place St Maur or in South Street, Chichester.

A further source of confusion for a stranger using the Fitzleet muli-storey is the difference between the lift signs/voice announcements and the car park signs.

There are clear signs to indicate which car park level you have left your vehicle on.

But if you use the lift to return, the push buttons and announcements would cause you to arrive at the wrong level.

For example if you have parked on level 2 as shown on the signs but get in the lift and press 2, you are delivered to level 4 although the announcement says car park level two.

I did raise this issue with Arun District Council a few years ago but did not get a satisfactory response.

Geoff Thomas

Blondell Drive, Aldwick