Cleaning up after dogs is a messy job

SO COUNCILLOR Oppler demands tough action against dog-owners who allow their pets to foul the pavements? This is perfectly reasonable. Dog-owners should take responsibility without the need to be told.

We shouldn’t need to pay a dog warden!

We should at the same time take equally tough action against:

- ‘Gentlemen’ who ‘foul’ in shop doorways

- Suppliers and consumers of fast food as the cause of waste food and litter being dumped in the street to become fodder for opportunist seagulls

- People who persist in feeding the seagulls... these vermin are growing to almost knee-high

- People who chew gum then discard it to stick to the pavement and shoes of other passersby

- Drinkers of cheap supermarket lager who leave a trail of empty cans behind them.

It is the responsibility of both suppliers and consumers. This is everybody’s responsibility and requires education from a very

early age. It should be second nature to all and so shouldn’t require the cost of policing.

All the time it is left to ‘someone else’, nothing will improve and the town will degenerate further.

We need to replace our cheap shops with some proper quality shops and we cannot hope to achieve this if we don’t take care of our own town centre.

Mrs W Green

Van Gogh Place,

North Bersted