Cinema surely safe

AS an Arun District councillor representing Marine Ward, in which the Picturedrome building is situated, I’ve become aware of misconceptions regarding the relationship between the cinema and the town council.

Yes, the town council bought the building that houses the cinema, but the town council does NOT operate the cinema.

All the profits from a financially-successful Picturedrome cinema would flow to the operator and NOT to the town council.

However, I understand people’s confusion as the operator is a councillor on both the town and district councils, but the cinema is operated as a private business.

My second comment is regarding the Civic Society’s petition urging Arun District Council to ban any cinema from being built in the town – effectively for the next 25 years.

Your paper reports some 6,000 people have now added their names to this petition, so why does the Picturedrome operator insist it will have to close if another cinema opens in the town?

Six thousand regular ‘Picturedrome-goers’ must mean its future is assured!

Why would they all suddenly abandon the Picturedrome for a multi-screen venue – at a considerably greater ticket price?

Cllr Andrew Evans

Bognor Regis Marine Ward