Cinema not wanted

CLEARLY Councillor Andrew Evans (Letters, March 22) – along with the rest of his colleagues on Arun District Council – has absolutely no understanding of how the cinema distribution system works, despite it having been spelt out in the pages of your newspaper a number of times.

The dismissive tone of his letter simply proves that Arun’s councillors don’t listen – or perhaps they simply can’t read?

So, once again, for the hard of understanding on ADC: Once a multiplex exists, that is where the film distributors will send their prints.

Those 6,000 people Cllr Evans refers to will not be able to watch new films at the Picturedrome, no matter how much they might wish to, because the films will not be there!

Which part of this simple equation do Arun District Council not get?

We don’t want a multiplex in Bogor Regis because it will kill the cinema we love and which the town council invested our money in.

Please. Cllr Evans, tell us you have now managed to grasp this simple fact.

Kay Emery

London Road, Bognor