Church is ‘special’

MAY I just make a comment on Barkes at Large column in last week’s paper on homosexuals ‘marrying in church’.

We have to remember that a church is not just a place of entertainment (presumably this is a fact tacitly acknowledged by those who want to ‘marry’ in church: there is an underlying realisation that this is something special). A church is a place for the worship of God and in that worshipping lies an innate understanding and desire to act in love in the way which God has commanded us to do.

To make a pledge in church to carry out acts which are totally contrary to his will is to make a blasphemy of what the church is there for.

If the same two people were prepared to take a vow of celibacy at the same time as professing their loyalty and love for each other, it could well be a ceremony which the church could bless, though still not a marriage.

If they cannot do this, then how can they expect priests who are committed to proclaiming God’s teaching and ministering his sacraments, to bless and preside over something which is totally the antithesis of that teaching and those sacraments?

If same sex couples want a blessing on their lives then let them seek that blessing in union with the church by committing their lives to God.

It is not same-sex couples the church is condemning, but the acts of homosexuality.

Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews,