Choose your poison carefully

Mr Frame (Letters, Observer, April 18) claims to know about cobras, and then talks about having them ice-cold with crisps or nuts.

A typical Little Englander attitude, only with pappadom or suchlike. And any fool knows that keeping cobras ice-cold makes them sleepy and not able to stir from their lairs and be caught. Futile effort all-round, I’d say.

I do also beg anyone not to risk offending the susceptibilities of any herpetologists they may happen to know – talking about deep-freezing cobras is apt to cause a fit of the Dehli Vapours, and it’s not a pretty sight, I can tell you, especially if you have to clear it up afterwards.

Now Mr Frame, you claim to have had cobras, which you paid for, and which you say had poison removed. If you woke up feeling poisoned, obviously it wasn’t. Damn fool thing to do and a bad example for the ladies, don’t y’know? If you can’t cope with cobras, stick to something not poisonous. Try boa constrictor, which tastes like off-mutton after a few hours lying in the sun. (The snake, not the mutton, or you). Python needs a slow cooker.

Bidd RA

Col Retd, not ‘Mr’