Chaos fuels anger

AFTER TWO unanswered letters to the manager of Tesco, I write to express my frustration at the chaos in the petrol station at the Bognor store.

My letter to the manager asked various questions as to why, after such a recent refurbishment, so many pumps are frequently out of order?

Furthermore, why make the pumps on the right hand side ‘pay at pump only’ when you can pay by card on all the other pumps if you choose?

I always try to use Tesco for my petrol as I enjoy the benefits of collecting club card points which can then be used for my grocery shopping.

However, the queue was so bad the other day, I turned around because I couldn’t even get into the station as I was stuck in the slip road.

I have had to do this three or four times in the last few weeks as I don’t have the time to endlessly wait to get petrol.

I find the whole situation annoying. Given the impending arrival of Sainsbury’s directly opposite, you might have thought that my letter would warrant some form of a response, but clearly not.

I for one have taken my business elsewhere and I am sure others must be considering doing the same if their experiences mirror mine.

It’s such a shame that we are not getting an Asda as their petrol prices might have got Tesco to sit up and take notice of their customers.

Mr J Bambridge

Richmond Avenue, Aldwick