Change to bus route is inexplicable

The baffling re-routing of Stagecoach’s 60 Summersdale bus service in Chichester is a cause of great concern to incovenienced bus users and motorists alike.

Given the acute narrowness and dangerous congestion along College Lane, especially during peak periods, and with this winding road being prone to flooding where it suddenly dips before meeting heavy and slow-moving traffic heading towards, and away from, St Richard’s Hospital (resulting in both the University and Graylingwell buses being diverted along the Broyle Road during recent serious flooding in College Lane), I can only imagine this inexplicable re-routing decision was made without any direct local knowledge.

It is especially dangerous to operate a ‘hail and ride’ scheme in College Lane where accidents are more likely because of poor crossing visibility and the acceleration of traffic climbing this very steep and narrow winding road.

This is a serious case of blind traffic management needing urgent review.

Stagecoach should quickly reinstate the 60 Summersdale bus route along the Broyle and Wellington Roads before any serious accident occurs. And we don’t want another 60 Summersdale bus breaking down in College Lane!

Peter Lansley

Cedar Drive