Cause some thought

With a general election due quite soon, some time must be given to the policies being postulated by the various parties – the only thing certain is that there will be no more coalition with the Liberal Democrats; the country cannot afford the troubles caused by it.

The main policy that should be considered is that on overseas aid.

Why in heaven’s name do we provide cash to countries that have an atomic bomb or are thinking of space travel.

If they can afford those things they don’t need our cash for any reason.

A government’s first responsibility is to its own people and their needs.

Another consideration is TRUST!

How can anyone consider Labour when it cannot admit that their last government borrowed more than necessary and caused our great debt; how can anyone trust the LibDems when they openly say they will bring down the coalition?

No matter what anyone thinks of Nigel Farage it has to be admitted that they have never lied to the public.

Here’s hoping this will cause some thought.

Jim McCulloch

Newlands Lane