Carnage on canal

IN THE spring of 2011 I wrote to you about the dreadful acts of damage being carried out by the Chichester Canal Society with its strim and chainsaw policy along the canal bank at Hunston. Thanks to your paper printing my pictures and letter it stopped, the bank recovered and the canal looked a bit more lifelike again.

But now it’s back to square one again as they have weed-killered it – what an act of unbelievable stupidity and ignorance of a very fragile wildlife habita, not only that those plants cost thousands of pounds of money to plant and now 90 per cent of the path is like a wasteland of dead and dying plants.

The canal is supposed to be a place of safety for the endangered water vole, the kingfisher, reed warblers and the multitude of flowers and fauna that made the canal such a special place to walk along and see Mother Nature in her full glory. But now, no water voles, no kingfishers and, for the first time in my living memory, no cygnets and very few ducklings. Only mad cyclists hell-bent on clearing the path of anyone young or old, dog walkers, duck feeders, and fishermen.

Our canal is being destroyed by people who should know better but when querying what they were up to, a very arrogant woman said to me: ‘What would you know about the canal?’ ‘Well,’ I replied, ‘a lot more than you as I’ve lived here for 61 years’. She put her hands over her ears and said, ‘I’m not listening’. Well, she was right there.

Bill Phillips,